The Building

The horologist Mr. Levin arrives to Bogotá in 1938 and installs his workshop on the first floor of a small building. There, he’ll meet Mrs. Blanca who lives silently in the third floor. In the 80’s, a new tenant arrives, a little boy who alters life in the building. It’s a book about the passage of time, an opportunity to look around us, and to appreciate better the city where we live.

Data sheet
Category: Children’s and Young Adult Literature
ISBN: 978-958-8841-67-0
Publication date: 11/11/2014
Extent: 56 pp.
Format: 21.5 x 24 cm

Author´s biography

Jairo Buitrago (Bogotá, 1970). Colombian writer of children’s books, illustrator and researcher in children’s literature and film history. He has also published children’s novels and several illustrated books with illustrators from different countries. His books have been translated into English, Portuguese, Catalan, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and published in México, Guatemala and Argentina.

Illustrator’s Biography

Daniel Rabanal (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1949). Since 1984 he has dedicated himself to publishing and comic illustration. More than 70 books with his illustrations have been published in several countries. His works of cartoon and graphic humor have appeared in various media in Argentina, Colombia, Italy and Cuba.