I´m Scared

Eusebio cannot fall asleep because he’s scared with bedtime monsters; luckily his friend Ananias finds a way to soothe away his fears. In this new version of the classic Colombian children’s tale, Ivar keeps the storyline intact, while adding a reflection on the fears that haunt and pursue children’s dreams which are a true reflection of the current Colombian conflicts.

Data sheet
Category: Children’s and Young Adult Literature
ISBN: 978-958-8445-96-0
Publication date: 04/01/2012
Extent: 36 pp.
Format: 23 x 23 cm

Author´s biography

Ivar Da Coll (Bogotá, 1962). Ivar has devoted his life to writing and illustrating books for children. So far, he has published more than thirty books and has co-authored several other titles. He has also been candidate for the Hans Christian Andersen and ALMA prizes four times, and in 2014 he was declared winner of the prestigious SM Ibero-American Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.