The Empire of Salsa

This work is a pleasant and profound journey though the world of Salsa and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, it is an historical essay on the origins of this musical genre and 34 interviews carried out by the author in the course of over forty years with famous personalities who give wide-ranging account for their roots, musical experiences and life anecdotes, and who are interviewed in ways that lead to a richer and more complex dialog.

Data sheet
Category: Chronicle
ISBN: 978-958-5472-05-1
Publication date: 26/09/2018
Extent: 528 pp.
Format: 15 x 23.5 cm

Author´s biography

César Alberto Villegas Osorio (César Pagano) (Medellín, 1941). He is known in the world of research, rumba and revelry in general as César Pagano. Since 1970, he lives in Bogotá, where he has worked as journalist, writer, lecturer, cultural promoter, pub owner, disc jockey and opponent of the reigning political system.