The Sons of the Rock

This is the story of six climbers who get to the top of the Everest, through the thick and thin. It is a true story and the characters are presented as role models for anybody who sets on achieving a goal. Los hijos de la roca, won the National Chronicle City of Bogotá Award.

Data sheet
Category: Chronicle
ISBN: 978-958-99667-2-3
Publication date: 04/04/2011
Extent: 204 pp.
Format: 17 x 23.5 cm

Author´s biography

Luis González Sarmiento (1950 – 2019). He was a director and screenwriter for cinema, theatre and television. Three-time winner of the National Film Award for Best Screenplay. In 2011 he decided to devote himself completely to literature, he wrote his first novel, La reina y el anillo, in 2016 and his second novel, El Jefe, in 2018.