Editorial Monigote publishes illustrated books for children, youth and adults. Our mayor interest is the cultural and biodiverse heritage of Colombia. We look for our stories in the countryside, in the cities, in nature reserves and in the traditions and ancestral knowledge of our indigenous people, Afro-descendants and peasants.

We are lovers of the natural parks of Colombia, its landscapes and its species. We admire the cosmogony of our indigenous ethnic groups and honor the oral tradition of our grandparents. We are committed to caring for the environment and respecting its ecosystems.

We carefully work each phase of the editorial process, from the conception of the project to its printing, taking care of the literary quality of the text, as well as the illustration work. In this way we deliver wonderful stories to readers in the form of books that transcend.

Contact: Mauricio Gaviria Carvajal

Drum’s mouth


My feet are on my head