Our foray into the publishing world came with “The Fascinating History of Words”, an illustrated etymological book wrote by Ricardo Soca, after publishing two new volumes, this book would be part of one of the most successful books of our publisher: “Origin of words”.

Two years after starting this project near to the National University, we moved near Corferias, home of the most important cultural event in the country: the Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBO for its name in Spanish). With each edition, we have had the opportunity to grow in publications, authors and readers, which is why our recognition has spread throughout the world, to 32 countries and in more than 25 languages. Now we are in Bosque Calderón neighborhood, where our catalog is growing, ranging from graphic novels and children’s literature, to narrative and catalog books.

Among our books stands out “Gabo: memories of a magical life”, which is part of our collection of graphically novelized biographies; “Legendary Plants”; “Panza de burro”, the revelation novel by the Canarian writer Andrea Abreu; the work of the Colombian chronicler Juan Miguel Álvarez; our contemporary Colombian short story anthologies “Puñalada trapera I” and “Puñalada trapera II”, among others.

Contact: Carolina Rey

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