Certain Four-Legged People

“Clasping the reins in his left hand, and the right hand over the saddle, the boy presses his knees again the stiff leather of his chaps and, as his short legs can’t reach the stirrups, he has to rest his feet on the straps. He is riding Panela, a veteran dark mare that has the best aroma he has ever smelled in his five years of age”.

Data sheet
Category: Chronicle
ISBN: 978-958-58199-3-1
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Extent: 176 pp.
Format: 11 x 17 cm

Author´s biography

Rafael Baena (Sincelejo, 1956 – Bogotá, 2015). A reporter and photographer, he published his first novel when he was fifty. Titled Tanta sangre vista, in which horses and cavalry are as meaningful as in ¡Vuelvan caras, carajo! or in La bala vendida. The reasons for this have been explained in this chronicle written in a personal tone for “Luna Libros”.