A Kiss from Dick

Felipe is a teenager from Bogotá who dreams of being a soccer player, filming love movies marked by tragedy and to get in a relationship with his classmate and soccer team partner Leonardo. He walks the paths of first love, in the midst of a blinded society by its prejudices. Set in Bogotá in the late eighties, this novel narrates with naivety the story of a boy who looks at the complexities of getting lost in another.

Data sheet
Category: Novel
ISBN: 978-958-42-7745-9
Publication date: 01/05/2019
Extent: 240 pp.
Format: 13.5 x 23 cm

Author´s biography

Fernando Molano Vargas (Bogotá, 1961 – 1998).

He studied Linguistics and Literature at the Pedagogical University. Then, he studied Film and Television production at the National University of Colombia. In 1987, he won the National Proartes Short Story Award in Cali (Colombia). Other of his most remarkable books is: Vista desde una acera (published until 2012).