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Camas gemelas is the first novel by the writer Paola Caballero Daza (Cartagena, 1975). It is a brave narration about depression and suicide, with some allusion to racism in the Colombian context, exploring their existential dimensions. The novel is built on the relationship between two siblings, Negro and Nena, through remembrances of their childhood and adolescence bouncing from vital memories —the beach, laughter, music— to the grim ones —sickness, racism, and violence. The characters dive into each other and become a reflection of their complex being and desires, generating an intimacy both liberating and melancholic. Through an honest poetic view, the author puts together a subtle emotional landscape in which the light of sadness glows. This novel narrates the impossibility of grief and the ambivalent exploration of wounds; it may definitely be read as a treatise of melancholy.

Data sheet
Category: novel
ISBN: 978-958-48-8717-7
Publication date: 20/11/2020
Extent: 164
Format: 13 x 19 cm

Author´s biography

Paola Caballero Daza (Cartagena, 1975). Is a writer. cultural worker and director of the residency program Guion bajo. She studied Literature in the Universidad de los Andes, and an MA in Asian and African Studies in the Colegio de México as well as a course in Expanded Writing: Language, Science and Art of the Cátedra José Emilio Pachecho in the UNAM. She has worked for more than 15 years in public and private cultural institutions and as a reader and jury for many grants programs and awards in Colombia and abroad. She has published many short stories and chronicles, among the Voy y vengo (Peregrino ediciones, 2019) and Camas gemelas (Cajón de sastre, 2021).