The brush

In this poem, Eliana Hernández surrounds the El Salado Massacre choosing to narrate, in verse, its borders. The drawings of María Isabel Rueda grow and overflow through the pages, just like the implacable nature did not stop despite the violence of men. From the view of the bush, the book contemplates the horror of one of the forty-two massacres that, in a gap of three years, left three
hundred and fifty-four victims in the Montes de María region, in Colombia. This book won the Grant for publication of Colombian authors, given by the Ministry of Culture, in 2020, and the National Poetry Award, in 2021.

“If we add the fact that the night entered the houses with them, the night went in and came out as it pleased, extending its dark sky as skin is stretched, as God covered the body of the animals with hides, if we may borrow the image, which is to say, enveloping it all, if you add the fact of the night in all its vastness and envelopment, you might come up with an idea.” (Traducido por Robin Myers)

Data sheet
Category: poetry
ISBN: 978-958-5474-64-2
Publication date: 24/09/2020
Extent: 95
Format: 17 x 23 cm

Author´s biography

Eliana Hernández Pachón (Bogotá, 1989). is an anthropologist. She has a master’s degree in Creative Writing from NYU and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature from Cornell University. Eliana currently lives in New York City, where she teaches Spanish. La mata is her first book.

María Isabel Rueda (Cartagena, 1972) is an artist and curator. She edits the Rosa Lux Press magazine and the Tropical Goth Magazine. She is the art director of the project El huevo y la Gallina, and the independent space La Usurpadora, in Puerto Colombia. She’s been part of several individual and collective expositions, both national and international, since 1999.