The imaginary house

This book invites us to build an “imaginary house” in the reader’s mind, which prepairs them to look out on all possible worlds. From the intrauterine stage to the age of six, we lay the foundations of reading and begin to inhabit the language’s world through lullabies and poetry. Very soon, children will acquire more complex discursive forms and “invisible structures” of new meanings that, later, will give them the entrance to written language.

Includes studies related to the importance of reading in early childhood and the high standard in children’s development, when they have had early exposure to it. The author also offers a select bibliography that presents recommended reading for each age group.

Data sheet
Category: non fiction
ISBN: 978-958-30-6160-8
Publication date: 30/10/2020
Extent: 146
Format: 15 x 21,5 cm

Author´s biography

Yolanda Reyes.  was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. She is a writer, essayist, columnist, editor, reading mediator, and early childhood activist. Is co-founder and director of Espantapájaros taller, a pioneer project in promoting reading in Colombia, that offers strategies for parents and children to enjoy literature together.

Among her children’s books: El terror de Sexto B, selected in The White Ravens Honor List of the Munich Youth Library and winner of the Fundalectura Prize; Los años terribles, winner of a creation grant from the Ministry of Culture; Los agujeros negros, chosen for the Children’s Rights collection; Una cama para tres, selected in The White Ravens Honor List, and Volar, recognized with the Cuatrogatos Award. In 2020 she wons the Premio Iberoamericano SM de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil. Her work for adults include the novels Pasajera en tránsito (Lista Arcadia, 2007), Qué raro que me llame Federico, recently published in Denmark, and the essays La poética de la infancia, (Lista Arcadia, 2016). She was nominated for the 2022 Astrid Lindgren Award.