The land of sad treasures

It is impossible to tell Colombia’s story without referring to gold and coca. From pre-Columbian times through nowadays, those two elements have left a deep mark -and almost always a painful one- in the memory of our territory. Simon Posada Tamayo, a tough and influential journalist, became obsessed with the Poporo Quimbaya’s history –today kept in an urn at the Gold Museum in Bogotá-and from that object, he brings us a journalistic approach were he explains how the obsession for gold and coca, for power, for discovering treasures, for money and even for discovering guacas in remote mountains of our nation has become our doom.

This wonderful text, built from a profound historical quest, answers questions like “who was the first person to find the Poporo Quimbaya and which was its journey during the last centuries?” or “why are we a land of sad treasures, where the power and money that bring gold and coca vanish like water between fingers, and almost always end in dark and tragic fates?.

Data sheet
Category: No fiction, journalism
ISBN: 978-628-7539-09-9
Publication date: 1/7/2022
Extent: 135
Format: 16 x 25 cm

Author´s biography

Simón Posada. Is a journalist that has worked in CNN en Español, BBC News Mundo, Univisión, El Colombiano, El Tiempo, Grupo Editorial Planeta, KienyKe, RCN Televisión and the magazines SoHo, Don Juan, Semana and Cambio. Author of two chronicle books, his journalistic works have been published in some anthologies. He studied film script at Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. He won the Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simon Bolivar for the best chronicle, in 2015.