Terms and conditions to apply for a
Translation grant Reading Colombia 2019

International publishers interested in acquiring the translation grant must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Send a formal letter requesting the grant stating the name of the title, the language into which it will be translated and the expected date to close the translation agreement and to publish the work in the respective country.
  2. Send the latest catalog of the publishing house (in English or in its original language).
  3. Send documentation that provides the legal status of the publishing house.
  4. Send the copyright agreement between the Colombian rights holder and the international publishing house.
  5. The translated book must bear the Reading Colombia logo, the Colombia Creates logo and the following phrase: “This book was published with the support of Reading Colombia. A selection of contemporary Colombian authors of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia”.
  6. Any change in the translation terms must be previously informed to the Reading Colombia Committee for approval.
  7. The Reading Colombia Committee may ask the publishing house to provide additional information or documentation about the status of the project at any moment after the grant has been assigned. The publisher must respond to those requests in a period no longer than thirty (30) days.

More information:
Email: readingcolombia@gmail.com
Landline: +57 (1) 323 01 11 Ext: 130
Cámara Colombiana del Libro
Colombian Book Chamber