And it was then

Helena Iriarte investigates surrenders of memory. Her characters go back, in old age and review the events of childhood, understand and justify others, and, most importantly, they forgive; In this novel, the protagonist attends a theatrical representation of her childhood, of the events that marked her life and that ended with family harmony. To complement a poetic text, the illustrations by Iván Rickenmann are part of the work, a plastic artist with a unique ability to recreate the atmosphere of our city, to give life and show the already empty spaces of that house where the objects will be the detonators of memories.

Data sheet
Category: novel
ISBN: 978-958-5591-74-5
Publication date: 31/05/2021
Extent: 92
Format: 20 x 22,5 cm

Author´s biography

Helena Iriarte (Bogotá, 1937).  She studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of the Andes and specialized in Hispanic American Literature at the Andrés Bello Seminary of the Caro y Cuervo Institute in Bogotá. She was honored by the Instituto Distrital para las Artes, IDARTES, for her contribution and legacy in the area of literature to the city in 2013.

Iván Rickenmann (Bogotá in 1965).  Painter and university professor. He is particularly interested in abandoned spaces or those that show the passage of time. He is not interested in photorealism or hyperrealism. In his drawings, spaces and things are re-created, and have a protagonism and a presence that, in a certain way, gives them life. Charcoal, on the other hand, is evocative. His warm and intense tones make us think of old photographs, of memories. He walks and observes things. He takes photographs -physical and mental- of what is relevant or singularly banal. The resulting drawing is the combination of many of these images, and of moments relived.