Blind cat, pink tongue out

Himpar editores presents their collection of poetry with María Paz Guerrero’s new book. Guerrero’s is considered among the most daring voices of Colombian contemporary poetry. This book is no exception to her poetic quest: it is experimental and full of heartbreaking humor. Lengua rosa afuera, gata ciega combines a look into the animal world with expressions of folk language, it delves into the materiality of the tongue and the flesh.

Data sheet
Category: poetry
ISBN: 978-958-52825-8-2
Publication date: 20/10/2021
Extent: 80
Format: 13 x 21 cm

Author´s biography

María Paz Guerrero. Born in Bogotá, Colombia. She is the author of the poetry books Los analfabetas (La jaula publicaciones, 2020) and Dios también es una perra (Cajón de Sastre, 2018),and editor of La generación sin nombre. Una antología (Universidad Central, 2019). She also published the essay “El dolor de estar vivo en los poemas póstumos de César Vallejo” (Universidad de los Andes, 2006). Her poems are included in the anthologies Pájaros de sombra. Diecisiete poetas colombianas, 1989-1964 (Vaso Roto, 2019) and Moradas interiores. Cuatro poetas colombianas Universidad Javeriana, colección de poesía, 2016). Her poetry book Dios también es una perra was translated and published in English as God is a Bitch Too by Ugly Duckling Press (New York, 2020). María Paz studied Literature in Universidad de los Andes, she is MFA in Comparative Literature by Sorbonne Université, Paris, and is currently on the PhD in Literary Theory at Universidad de Zaragoza. She is full time professor in Universidad Central’s department of creative writing, in Bogotá.