The paramera

At the Sumapaz paramo, a group of women welcomes a writer for a new session of a workshop that has been going on for weeks. They share stories, their voices fill up the air. They talk about the children they lost to war, about life at the mountain, its mysteries and its routines. The landscape is breathtaking, the fog wraps it all, and the visitor, estranged from her months-old son for the first time, does not know anymore if she will be able to leave.

Data sheet
Category: novel
ISBN: 978-958-5474-83-3
Publication date: 20/09/2021
Extent: 124
Format: 15,5 X 21 cm

Author´s biography

Laura Acero. studied Literature at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and has a degree in Narrative Creation from the Universidad Central. She’s a reading promoter, writer and the director of the program Escrituras de Bogotá, of the Instituto Distrital de las Artes. Since 2015, she’s the director of the itinerant and independent library Bibliocarrito R4. She is the author of Viajes de campo y ciudad (Laguna Libros, 2018).