The mistery of the smallest library

In the smallest library in the world, the librarian Clara Clarisa, just by looking at you, can prescribe a book that will change your life. Three mysterious characters arrive at this magical place, who seem to be looking for something more than just a book. Ramona Ramones and Guido Guirnaldo, two intelligent teenagers who love books, suspect that this trio of sinister and unusual visitors are hiding something.

Apparently, a major theft is linked to the suspects’ presence in the library. The astute Ramona Ramones will have to use her investigative skills, learned from the Sherlock Holmes books, to protect Guido Guirnaldo and Clara Clarisa from the dark intentions of this trio of villains.

Data sheet
Category: fiction
ISBN: 978-958-30-6312-1
Publication date:: 15/04/2021
Extent: 80
Format: 15 x 22 cm

Author´s biography

Miguel Mendoza Luna.  is a writer and university professor of literature, creative writing, semiotics and culture.

Winner of the Premio Nacional de Libro de Cuentos Ciudad de Bogotá (IDARTES) on two occasions (2009 and 2017) with the books Cruentos cruzados and El asesinato de Edgar Allan Poe y otros misterios literarios (Rey Naranjo, 2018). He won the Concurso Nacional de Cuentos Infantiles y Juveniles de la Universidad Central (2018), with the book Chicas asustosas y además hermosas. Author of the album book Los pequeños Jekyll y Hyde (Sietegatos, 2018); with Panamericana Editorial he has published Truman Capote. Las horas negras; Vladimir, el niño vampiro; Abraza tu miedo; a beautiful adaptation of the classic book Platero y yo, the youth novel Los Diarios secretos de las chicas (in)completas (IBBY Mexico 2020 list), which was taken to television in a transmedia prequel nominated for important audiovisual contests such as the TAL Award 2021 and pre-nominated for the Premios India Catalina.

He recently published El Pequeño Quijote and El misterio de la biblioteca más pequeña del mundo, books that bring the little ones closer to scrutinize great and fantastic adventures in the pages of books, and Atrapados en el aeropuerto, a novel that talks about cultural differences, migration and the need for respect and recognition in the midst of our singularities.