Twenty spooky tales

Have you heard of an urban myth about a woman who carries a man to her “home” on the most scary night? ¿Do you imagine how it could be that you awake one day, transformed into a ghost?
Do you recognize the background of this tale?: “’Aren’t you afraid of being alone here?’. The girl answered ‘I was, when I was alive’”.

Such stories you will find at Twenty Spooky Tales, written by Dario Jaramillo, one of the most important alive Colombian poets. In this title, you will find humorous, philosophical, and scary tales about ghosts.

This is a great title for teens and young people, because it may be a convenient excuse to inspire new stories on ghosts; anyway, they can just enjoy the funny reading!

Data sheet
Category: fiction
ISBN: 978-958-30-6199-8
Publication date:: 1/01/2021
Extent: 111
Format: 15 x 22 cm

Author´s biography

Darío Jaramillo. is a Colombian poet and writer. He was born at Santa Rosa de Osos, July 28th, 1947. He is known as one of the poets of “disenchanted generation”. He is also one of the most important Colombian poets of the XXth century and he is best known for his labor renewing Colombian love poetry. In Panamericana Editorial he published Poemachines and Anthology of Easy Readings.